Light Showers
Wind: 15 Southwest


Wind: 27 West


Wind: 06 West

Fragma Potamon

Wind: 13 West

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A few words about the Prefecture of Rethymno

The Prefecture of Rethymno is one of the 51 prefectures in Greece and more specifically one of the 4 prefectures in Crete. The capital of the Prefecture of Rethymno is Rethymno city, which lies at the northern part of the island. The prefecture spreads from Lefka Oroi to Psiloritis Mountain at an extend of 1496 square klm, with a population of 70095 residents.

It is the most mountainous prefecture in Crete. Out of the 1496 square klm, 510 are rural land, 933 are feeding grounds, 36 are covered by settlements and just 17 square klm are covered by Mediterranean acorn, pine and maple forests. The climate is Temperate Mediterranean and dry-warm. 67% of the days are sunny and the temperature ranges from12oC to 27οC. The winds are usually northern and northwestern. South winds are also quite heavy.

Most of the coasts of the prefecture are awarded with blue flags by the European Union, prototypes of clearness and organization.

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